Not All Safety Products are Created Equal!


Our Vision

Gravity Safety Products has a strategic vision to become a major player in the Protective Safety Equipment market around the …

Our Mission

We have launched and have set course on a mission to become the most progressive manufacturer, distributor and retailer of …

Our Approach

Our name is our Approach. We, just like Gravity, pulls you closer and keep you firmly on the ground. Our …


A Product for every Application

Available from 3 September 2018

Our Footprint

A Supply Chain designed for Service Delivery!

South Africa

South Africa operates our larges supply network, with warehouses planned for Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Our smaller depots are …

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Our Namibian Operation has two depots, in Windhoek and Walvis Bay, serving the commercial areas around these to locations, but …

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We will officially be opening our first depot in Botswana in January 2019. This would be our first ever venture …

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Product Consulting

Use Our 8 Step Approach to Effective Purchasing

1. Internal Needs Analysis

To buy or not to buy? When it comes to Safety Equipment and Protective Workwear, the answer can only be …

2. Product Option Selection

When the risk factors are known, one is often faced with too many solutions. What product is the best suited …

3. Engagement and Consultation

Not all safety products are created equal! Not all feet, or hands, or heads are the same shape or size. …

4. Cost-Benefit Analysis

It’s not always about getting the lowest price. We assist you doing a cost benefit anlaysis based on the cost …

5. Policy Development & Records

Having a Personal Safety Equipment Policy in your business goes a long way to prevent excessive purchasing. From experience we …

6. Employee Education and Training

Step 6! Important, even on its own. The correct use of Personal Safety Equipment and an understanding of the limitations …

7. Maintenance & Replacement

The use of and care for Personal Safety Equipment and Clothing is often left up to the worker. In many …

8. Cradle to Grave

The Cradle to Grave concept is not something new and some of our manfacturing partners have already adopted this philosophy …

Our Trusted Brand Names

Product Design & Selection

It is not about having an impressive inventory!

It is a scientific approach to ensure effectiveness, quality and value for money.

As leaders in the field of Occupational health and industrial safety, our management team has extensive experience in various industries and are able to assist you making the right choices when it comes to Personal Protective Equipment and Clothing.

30 Years Experience

Our Manufacturing Facilities are hand-picked and must carry the ISO 9001 QMS Certification Mark. Conformity to Product Design Specifications set by the NRCS is our top priority for inclusion. Quality fabrics and raw materials, coupled with a Cradle to Grave approach, ranks high in our choice of partners.

Manufacturing Best Practice

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