We offer a unique business model for the astute entrepreneur!

Our current opportunity is also available as a Master franchise in your country as a stock-bearing distribution centre.

Business Summary

As a Gravity Safety Products Outlet, you will be given exclusivity to carry our House brand products in your country. We offer you a competitive pricing structure, which allows for growth.

Capital Outlay

An investment of ZAR550 000 (US$40 000 outside of SA) will secure your own Gravity Safety Products Outlet.

This includes:

  1. Set-up fee and training
  2. Start-up stock
  3. Brand new delivery vehicle (SA only)
  4. Shopfitting and Branding

Operating capital required

Monthly operating capital of R60 000 is required to cover day-to-day business expenses and is recoverable from sales once break-even is reached. The costs included is part of the contractual obligations based on the prescribed minimum Opex, Savings on these amounts are for your benefit. The Opex items included are:

  1. Building lease
  2. Staff salaries (excluding commissions payable)
  3. Insurance & Security expenses
  4. Office administration
  5. Marketing & Advertising costs
  6. Software licenses

Contractual Obligations

You will be required to enter into a written agreement to maintain a minimum amount of stock every month. This minimum stock amount is based on start-up stock +15% and location dependent and payable and may be subject to bank guarantee or lines of credit.

Distribution Requirements

A mini-warehouse of at least 120 sqm meters of storage space is required. The lease will be under the name of the Outlet and it’s sureties.

Logistics Requirements

We will assist you to set up a logistics framework depending on available carriers in your territory.

This may be subject to territorial scope.

Location Requirements

We will assist you with the set up of retail outlets in all high-density commercial zones. Your retail network will be yours to manage and supply with all our approved products. Licensed Retailers are responsible for their own sales.

IT requirements

A stable high speed internet connection suitable for E-commerce purposes.

Revenue Policy

Our model allows you to earn 100% of profits from off-line sales, with no turnover based royalties.

Online sales are treated differently as it includes added costs like handling and shipping.

The prices on the online store is also not subject to in-store discounts.

Outlets are available in:

  • South Africa
  • Botswana
  • Namibia
  • Mozambique
  • Kenya
  • Lesotho
  • Swaziland